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How Private membership (PMA) works.

Awakening Light Energy Center is set up as a Private Membership Association (PMA) with Light Waves Wellness Association, which means that the center is not open to the public. Each individual wanting to have access to our center will need to purchase a lifetime membership for $10 each. Membership is a prerequisite to making an appointment. As a member, each individual is accepting the self-directed goal of helping their body function better and choosing techniques for themselves. Dependents will be covered under the membership of their parent/caregiver.

Being a member allows you along with your health care provider to decide what kind of services you desire to receive, including modalities often not covered by traditional medical clinics. All members records are private documents and are kept confidential.

All people coming to the center are not patients or clients, they are “members” and in regard to the services offered by Light Waves Wellness Association, they agree to “give up their public rights”. As a private member, individuals agree to utilize the services offered by Awakening Light Energy Center, which is out of the jurisdiction of the city, state and/or federal agencies. If there is a claim or issue with the service provided by Awakening Light Energy Center, members agree to private arbitration instead of going to the public medical boards, law enforcement, etc.

The results achieved by each member accessing the Light Waves Wellness Association will vary for each person. The information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace advice of your physician. Our services are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical services.

Benefits of private membership

Light Waves Wellness Association is organized as a Private Ministerial Association, which is a type of Private Membership Association (PMA). PMAs have an established history and maintain a significant and unique standing in law; they are generally immune from most, if not all, state and federal Public Laws. The exception would be if the activities of the association present a “clear and present danger of a substantial evil”. The phrase “clear and present danger of a substantial evil” can be more easily interpreted as activity that causes an immediate threat of serious harm or death.

Why are they immune from public laws? They are private, not public. The ability to form a PMA and the protections afforded by a properly formed PMA seem to be new information to many people but they are not a new concept. You have the right to assemble and to associate. That right has always been there. Private Membership Associations have been around for a very long time.

Over the past several decades and due to favorable rulings, opinions and interpretations by the Supreme Court, the law of the land has highlighted our constitutional rights to conduct business in a PMA, or private membership association. When operating under a properly formed PMA, we are operating in the private domain versus the public domain. A PMA allows the Light Waves Wellness Association to operate with the added protection of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and our Constitutional Rights. Members of a PMA have the right to private contract under the due process liberty clause of the 5th and 14th Amendments, and states may not pass laws that impair the obligation of a contract.

How to book a session (cancelation).

Please contact Barb or Dan via email ( or text to business phone 614-701-8795

How long should a session be?

We suggest a minimum of 2 hours for initial session because it usually takes at least a half hour for most people to be able to quiet their minds and begin to relax. How much longer and/or how frequently you should have a session depends on your level of health and your personal health goals.

Every person is different and can react differently as to how fast they get results. Our suggestion is to start with a two hour session and then see how it has affected you. At that point you can get an idea as to if you want a longer session next time, or more frequent sessions.

If you have a specific health challenge, or a more difficult health condition, you might want to start with a 4 hour session and see how that works for you. You may find that is enough or you might want to do daily, twice-weekly, weekly or monthly sessions.

If you have a serious condition, be aware of your condition and keep your health professional appraised of what you are doing so they can monitor your progress.

What does a session look like?

Sessions are booked on the hour in a room with Zero-Gravity chairs, where you can recline and relax.

While there can be other individuals in the system with you, we encourage you to take the time to go inward and relax.

Arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment, drink lots of water. Bring a sleep mask if you like complete darkness, comfortable socks to keep you warm and cozy. Blanket and/or pillow while you sleep or rest during your session. Head phones or ear plugs for noise cancellation or to listen to your preferred meditation music, and turn off your cell phone (silence it and darken the screen).

“Dr. Michael believes that the more people there are in the room the better as the collective energy helps to further raise the frequency in the room which will lead to a more enhanced experience.”

What to expect after a session

Drink plenty of water. This will help the body eliminate toxins.

Detoxing your body is one of the fastest ways to achieve positive results from sessions and is invaluable in the process of helping your body heal itself.

Because the EESystem sessions release toxins in your system so effectively, occasionally people may have a headache, a sore throat or be sluggish after a session. It is highly advised that everyone, regardless of symptoms, take a hot, sea salt soaking bath or a foot salt bath after each session. This will help pull the toxins out through your skin and clean them out of your system faster.

Do not use Epsom Salts. Dead Sea, Pink Himalayan, or Celtic Salt are good. Dead Sea salt helps with allergies and skin conditions. Pink salt eases swelling and stress. Celtic salt is anti-inflammatory and good for the brain. Regular sea salt works too.

This is a recipe recommended by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael: see recipe below:

The EESystem can help you achieve your maximum potential by recharging your body’s energy level. Imagine what this can do for you! We’ve put together a sample of user’s experiences after trying the EESystem. Remember, every individual experience is different.

  • Feelings of Calmness, Harmony, Zen, Oneness, Peace, Relaxation
  • Natural Healing & Rejuvenation
  • Sense of Increased Energy
  • Relief from Depression
  • More Emotionally Clear & Free
  • Rapid Post Surgical Healing
  • Improved Inner Direction
  • Less Attachment to Past Traumas
  • Being more Present
  • Better Response to Stressors
  • Detoxication
  • Peak Performance
  • Better Mental Health
  • Relief from Severe Pain
  • Living in the Now
  • Improved Blood Profiles
  • Mental Flexibility/Clarity
  • Improved Spontaneity
  • Improved Time Competency
  • Living more Authentically
  • Improved Self-Acceptance
  • Sense of Self-Awareness
  • Super Learning States
  • Self-Confidence & Self-Love


  • Improved sleep
  • Increased energy and physical stamina
  • Increased calmness, peace, and harmony
  • Improved performance, concentration, and focus
  • Mental flexibility and clarity
  • Elevated mood
  • Improved response to stress
  • Improved ability to live in “the now”
  • Enhanced learning capabilities
  • Improved self-confidence, self-acceptance, and self-love
  • Improved immune function
  • Improved sense of well-being
  • Peak performance
  • Detoxification
  • Rejuvenation
  • Increased creative intelligence
  • Deep meditative relaxation
  • Improved circulation


We do not offer refunds. Cancellations can be made 24 hours in advance by calling our office at (614) 701-8795. You will then be able to reschedule your session at no charge.

Where can I purchase EES merchandise and products?

EES items can be purchased online at

There will be limited supply of select EES items at center for purchase.


Tuesday   12p – 8:00p
Thursday  10a – 6:00p
Friday        10a – 4:00p
Saturday   10a – 2:00p

Do you offer overnight stays?

Yes – by appointment only. Please contact us via email at or phone at 614-701-8795 to schedule date. NOTE: Maximum capacity is 4 people. Beds are provided with sheets. Bring own pillow and blankets. Group discounts are available.


Dr. Michael is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine with a background in biophysics, quantum and nuclear physics. Throughout her life she has been a member of MENSA, a high IQ society of individuals scoring in the 98th percentile or higher on intelligence tests. She was born to hyper-genius parents who met in the government sector of engineering physics. Her mother was a nuclear physicist, and her father was an aerospace electrical, mechanical and structural engineer. While her mother was pregnant with her, she was working on nuclear bomb technology, and she came into the world with a heavy load of radiation damage. Her life quest has been figuring out how to heal the body from the negative impacts of this technology.

Having taught holistic medicine for more than four decades, Dr. Michael’s research in applied integrative biophysics has earned prestigious recognition, such as the Presidential and International Who’s Who. She has lectured at the United Nations, MIT, the World Summit on Integral Medicine, the Harvard Club, The Royal Society of Medicine, Mount Sinai Medical School, the Scalar Research Experts Conference, anti-aging congresses, as well as numerous medical schools and ministries of health worldwide.

Dr. Michael has also been featured in various national newspapers and journal articles, including a recent prominent study on autism and seizure disorder, which was published in the Journal of Neurology Research. The true Bio-Scalar EESystem technology has been publicized by media outlets like CNN, Fox News, The Doctors, the Wall Street Journal and the Beverly Hills Times.

In her own words,

“The power that made the body, heals the body.”

About EESytem Technology


The EESystem has brought quality of life to thousands of people seeking optimal wellness and health. For more information about the EESystem development, research and benefits, go to