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New center update: The month of May has been very busy with great progress.

1. Painting and new flooring have been completed in both restrooms. One of the restrooms has been converted to ADA compliant.
New plumbing fixtures to be installed next week.
2. New window blinds have been installed in the lobby and the two front offices.
3. New carpet is scheduled to be installed on Thursday June 6.
4. The biggest item remaining will be coordination of dates for moving EE equipment, closing existing center and moving furniture etc to new center. We’re in discussions with EE tech to hopefully execute move and equipment startup over a weekend and a Monday to minimize center down time.
5. Everything is looking favorable to be relocated by July 1.


1. The ALEC team had an amazing experience at the Patriot Symposium last weekend at Iron Gate Equestrian Center in Croton, Oh. Dr. Sandra Rose Michael gave a passionate and emotional presentation of her life, career journey and her creation – the Energy Enhancement System (EES). Dr. Michael brought ALEC and 3 other EE center owners on stage with her during the last half of her presentation. Dr. Michael closed her presentation by calling one of our members (Amy Phillips) to the stage and had her share her and her son’s story.
2. We were blessed to have numerous conversations with most every speaker throughout the day. All the speakers gave very powerful messages. We came away completely overwhelmed from all the love, light, energy and information. The presentations from Dr. Ardis, Sacha Stone, Cathy O’Brien and Dr. Michael were very moving and compelling.
3. ALEC has contacted Scott McKay’s team and inquired about getting access to video of all speakers’ presentations to show at a future center event.
4. Upcoming September event. Please note on Sunday September 15, Dr. Dream and his wife Stephanie will be in our new center bringing their amazing sound healing bowls for two sessions. For additional info see related flyer.
5. ALEC is in discussion with AJ Roberts for a late summer/early fall retreat featuring an overnight meditation session in our new center. I’ll advise when dates have been finalized.
6. Lastly, ALEC has extended an offer to Dr. Michael and Scott McKay to host an event at our new center later this year. Date is TBD based on everyone’s schedule. I’ll provide updates when available.