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About The Owners

Dan and Barb McMillan are the owners of Awakening Light Energy Center. We both retired from our corporate world jobs in spring 2022 and always wanted to find a way to give back to people in need. We have a passion for helping others and spent our working careers in private and public service. The Energy Enhancement System fits the goal. We saw Dr. Sandra Rose Michael speak at a Patriot event in 2021. She did a soft introduction of the EE System being used for our Military personnel. Over the next year and a half, we saw her speak again and acquired more knowledge of the EE System and decided to pursue opening an EES center in central Ohio. Dan retired from an international executive project manager/business position and Barb retired as a NICU Nurse, with all her years in pediatrics.

We welcome everyone to our center where we know you will feel at home.

The Awakening Light Energy Center
Dan & Barb

Additional ALEC Team:

Mary Hernandez

Mary Hernandez is an Angel Intuitive, Spiritual Medium, Reiki Master, Trance Healer, Ordained Minister and numerologist. She connects with spirit intuitively and receives channeled messages from both your higher self, your guides and those in spirit. She also brings forth messages using a variety of divinity tools. Mary is also a candle creator.

Sound Therapy

Mary also offers sound therapy featuring crystal sound bowls and is available by appointment for individual or group sessions. The singing bowls provide a full body meditative and relaxation experience, providing mind and body recalibration, Chakra energy healing and stress and tension release. The sound frequencies of the various bowls (7 bowls, one for each Chakra) resonate with the body to help restore body balance and improve state of consciousness.

For reservations and/or additional information, please contact Mary via email:

Additional information can be found on her website at